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Senna Trailer

“Senna” è un documentario del 2010 sulla vita del campione di Formula Uno Ayrton Senna. Regia Asif Kapadia.

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Ex-Ferrari Design Boss Analyses & Redesigns The Ferrari 296 GTB!!

Frank Stephenson è un car designer che ha lavorato per Mclaren, Ferrari, Maserati, Mini, Fiat, Lancia e AlfaRomeo. In questo video analizza il design della 296 GTB Ferrari.

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I Know You Got Soul

A Ferrari F40 has it, a Lexus hasn't. Concorde's got it, but not an Airbus. And while Titanic had it in spades, the Queen Mary 2 must have been in the wrong queue. Soul. Some machines matter to us while others are, well, just machines. In his own inimitable way, Jeremy Clarkson tells the gripping stories of the planes, trains and automobiles that inspire us; and of the geniuses and visionaries that built them. Lavishly illustrated, I Know You Got Soul is the perfect Christmas present for boys of all ages.

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The Top Gear Story

The full story of the unstoppable rise of Clarkson, Hammond, May, and the Stig”and how they created one of the most famous TV shows of the 21st century Reaching a peak in the 1990s thanks to presenter Jeremy Clarkson, the original series faced the axe in 2001 but Clarkson and producer Andy Wilman successfully pitched a new format to BBC bosses and Top Gear returned to become the irreverent, funny, and often controversial show we now know and love. The addition of Richard Hammond and James May completed the Top Gear dream team and ratings soared as viewers tuned in to see the latest Star in a Reasonably Priced Car, arguments over the Cool Wall, and Power Laps by the mysterious Stig. Recent seasons have been defined by their madcap challenges with predictably hilarious results. Hour-long specials such as the 1,00

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